Face Masks *

Our masks are soft and reusable. All our designs are available both with and without filters.

The masks are washable making them reusable time and time again.

Where the Masks have filters these come with 2 and more can be purchased.

We have a large selection of unique face mask designs made from a poly-cotton mix and printed with permanent inks, so you can give your product a bit more personality. Who wants a basic bland mask if you have to wear it constantly. Brighten your day.

All our products are sourced and produced in the UK and we design and print all our products in house so that you get the quality you deserve. Safe and sound.
If you wish to apply for a trade account please go to morningcuppagifts.co.uk or email us at sales@morningcuppagifts.co.uk

We also provide our products on Etsy – Amazon and eBay check them out. Also make sure to drop us a message on any of our social media platforms let us know how our products are brightening your life.

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