Water bottles make up 10% of litter in the Thames, and 80% of the world’s plastic waste.

They take 400 and 1,000 years to decompose, meaning that your water-bottle will be cluttering up planet Earth for generations to come. By having a reusable water-bottle, it is estimated that you’re saving just under 1500 plastic bottles per year.

Morning Cuppa UK has produced some fun and quirky water-bottles that can also be easily personalized. That way, you’ll be saving the planet, and will have a neat bottle to throw in your bag! They feature a huge range of different designs, and are made from a hardy steel interior that keeps your water fresh and clean.

Many people think tap-water is bad for you, however UK tap water is among the safest drinking water in the world. Lots of countries have measures in place to ensure that drinking water is available by tap. You can find out more about drinking water in your area Here.   Filling up your water-bottle has also never been easier! All cafes and restaurants will fill up their customers’ water-bottles for free. You can also locate public water-fountains, or fill up from your own taps at home.

Browse our water-bottles here, and save the planet!