Valentine’s Day In Lockdown – Best Gift Ideas

It’s Me – I’m Blogging Again!

Ohh Valentines is approaching Cuppa-ites! Who’s excited? I am! And I’m wondering which of the amazing Valentines items Jake has designed my best boyfriend Mr Man is going to buy me this year!

Jake has worked really hard, and he has made loads of items perfect for posting if you are unable to be with your loved one this year. Lockdown is hard, we are here to make it a bit better and bring in some fun!

What about a Card? 

Fancy a Bum Valentines Card

Jake’s all about rude! Or that’s how it seems to me! To be fair I will be very happy if Mr Man gets me the Fancy a Bum Valentines Card. But then I’m a mutt, so I’m all about bum sniffing!

Lacking In Vitamin Me Card

Perhaps you would prefer something a bit less rude? Yes, he can do it! Then this Lacking in Vitamin Me Card is a great option!

All Morning Cuppa Cards come with bright colourful envelopes and are blank inside for your own personal message!


Small Gifts for Posting.

Metal Plaques are perfect for posting. The great thing is that they can be sent using a standard stamp (apparently that makes it cheaper!)

This one is my favourite

You’re The Missing Slice To My Pizza Midi Metal Plaque

You’re the Missing Slice to My Pizza Midi Metal Plaque.

I Love Pizza (and TBH if any slices are missing it’s probably because I’ve eaten them!)

Then there is also the We Go Together Like Cheese and Cheese Plaque – I really like Cheese too!!!

Cheese and Cheese A5 Metal Plaque

These plaques are available in Midi and A5 sizes and come ready to hang with a rustic twine.

How about a Ceramic Token?

These are a bit more fragile – when we send them out, we put them in bubble wrap and then into a padded envelope to protect them!


The Valentine’s ones come heart shaped or Oval shaped and have a host of lovely, soppy sentiments on them. 

For Me It’s Only You Ceramic Plaque

I might get the For Me It’s Only You Oval one for Mr Man, because then he will know just how special he is.

Forever in Love Heart Ceramic Plaque

Or possibly the Forever in Love Heart Ceramic – Ohhh, there is just too much choice!

Or there are Wooden Hearts too!

Wood is great to chew, and also great for making heart plaques, apparently! There are a whole heap of great sayings, but I love the Love is Not About Gender one. Perfect for a special Valentine!

Love is Not About Gender Wooden Heart

This year Valentine’s Day will be harder because of Lockdown, hopefully these gifts will make you and your special someone smile and laugh!

Take Care and Stay Safe 

Rogue x