Its Christmas!!!! (nearly)

It’s nearly Christmas and I cannot believe how fast this year has passed! On the one hand it seems that its only 5 minutes since the beginning of the year. But on the other I can see just how many amazing new products and designs Jake has produced! 

Here is a sneaky peek at some of the products you are going to want to buy this Festive Period. Whether you give them away, well that is up to you!

Christmas Cards

Morning Cuppa all started with the Cards. They always have a funny side and quite often a smutty side too. 

Everyone loves a bit of rude humour at Christmas

If you want to stay ahead of the crowd and send something different, then these cards are definitely for you!

And if you want to send a little gift with your Festive Card, why not send one of our Placards


Unique designs with a beautiful mini metal plaque to remove and keep!


We are well known for our range of exciting , and unique cushions. But how about having one Filler and 2 Covers, one for everyday and one for Christmas! No longer do you need to have completely separate cushions for the festive period. No more hassle trying to pack them away for the next year. Just swap the cover and you are good to go! This amazing range of Duet-cushions are something very special.

Christmas Ceramics

Beautiful ceramic hangers always look good on the tree, and these are definitely no exception! 

Jake has designed a stunning selection, guaranteed to be noticed. The only problem will be to decide which one, or two, or three you want to buy!


Christmas Mugs

Drinking your cup of tea or coffee from a festive mug is one of the delights on Christmas Morning. These mugs are unique and fun. Especially if you are looking for something for Santa’s Little Helper.


Christmas Face Masks

It looks as though Face Masks are a pretty permanent fixture for the time being, so why not brighten up the day a little by wearing one of our attractive face masks


Jake has loads more in the pipeline, and as always many of these items can be personalised for an extra special touch this Christmas!