Morning Cuppa – Meet the Team

I thought it was high time to embarrass the Morning Cuppa Team with a blog dedicated to them! 

So, where to start?

Jake is our Creative Director.
Jake – It looks like he’s working doesn’t it?

He designs all our products sitting at the table in our bright conservatory. We did have a dedicated studio, but recent lockdown events brought everything back home again! 

Jake is incredibly talented, and is also the one who comes up with all the smut on many of our cards.

Once he has formulated a design it is ready to be printed.

With our fabulous range of cards, that’s pretty much it. All that is needed is for them to be packed with their chosen envelope. This is something we all do.
One of our Brilliant Cards

Cushions, Face Masks, coasters and all of the other items we make need more work. That’s where the Heat Press comes in. We can all use the Heat Press, however Jake is the expert. It can get quite sweaty using the machines, so we are all looking forwards to the colder winter months to cool down!

New in – Our Vinyl Cutter
Our New Vinyl Cutter – Just wait and see what we can do Now!!!

Very excitingly, we have just invested in a Vinyl Cutter. This amazing piece of equipment is how we are going to Glitter Up at Christmas! It will allow us to put sparkly designs onto a wide variety of items, and this has caused a considerable amount of excitement in the office. Over the coming weeks, there will be a sneak peak of some of the Christmas designs that will be available. I know I can’t wait.

Elise is in the office
Elise in the Office

She answers queries, packs many of the orders and is always happy to help where needed – except when I need a photo for my Blog.

Chris is the Man Behind the Curtain
Chris ….

He can be found behind the scenes looking after the money and marketing. He is constantly coming up with ideas, which Jake takes, completely changes and turns into the bestselling range we currently have! But we wouldn’t change him for anything.

And me? Well I’m defiantly the cutest in the team. I keep everyone happy in the office and help make it a fun place to work!

Me writing my Blog

And, of course all of this is done right here in Hampshire UK – so we are proud to be Made in Britain!


Rogue x