Exciting New Face Mask Pouches

Pink Heart Mask

Face Masks are now mandatory in shops and other public spaces. That’s great, but most of us don’t want to have to put our mask on until the last possible minute, so how do you ensure it stays clean until you are ready to wear it? The answer is with one of these adorable pouches!

We have been very busy and have now launched a brand new range of Face Masks with matching Face Mask Pouches to keep them in.

Cats Face Mask Pouch

These are the perfect size for our Face Masks and have a matching image on them to complete the look. For practicality they have a key ring attachment. You can attach this to your keys, belt or safely inside a handbag. This will ensure you will always have the pouch and a clean Face Mask when you need it.

For more information on how to clean your Morning Cuppa Face Mask please see the Blog Here 

Just take a look at our exciting designs

Dachshund Face Mask and Pouch

Dachshund Mask

Union Jack Face Mask and Pouch

Union Jack Mask

Have you ever been caught without your Face Mask? Have you ever felt that sense of disappointment knowing that you can’t visit your favourite shop? That need not happen ever again with one of these your Mask will always be to hand, clean and ready to wear!

These Pouches are available singularly or as a package deal with a matching Face Mask. The only problem will be choosing just one!