Pink Hearts with Yellow Background Face Mask with Filters

Face Masks – Love them or hate them they are now part of our daily lives. So it is vital that they look good! Fortunatly we here at Morning Cuppa are ready to help with that. Jake has been busy designing fun, unique and trendy designs, guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd.

Lets take a closer look

Adult Masks 

Our range of unique Adult Sized Face Masks is wide and constantly being added to. Our designer Jake creates the patterns and these are then printed onto the masks right here in the UK.

Union Jack Face Mask with Filters

They are made from high quality poly cotton fabric with a soft lining for extra comfort.

The Face Masks are washable and reusable, making them the perfect accessory to make you feel good about yourself and help the environment.

They come either with or without filters, so lets take a look at the ones with exchangeable filters

Face Mask Filter Image

These masks have a pocket on the inside of the mask into which a PM2.5 filter can be slotted. These filters are designed to filter out dust particles and water droplets. Each filter also has a carbon layer which acts as an antibacterial, giving another level of protection.

Lips and Tongue Face Mask with Filters

Our With Filter Masks come with 2 filters, and each one is designed for up to 24 hours of use.

Additional filters are available and can be purchased here

If you would rather have a mask without a filter, then the same fun and vibrant designs are available on our cloth masks. 

These are made from the same quality materials, however do not have the pocket for the filters.

Children Masks

Rainbow Childs Face Mask

We also have a range of cute children size masks available. The Government has suggested that children over the age of 11 should wear masks in all the same places adults have to. Being a parent myself, I understand the difficulty of getting a young child to wear something they don’t want to.

But what if it made them look like a Bunny Rabbit?


Or Count Dracular?


Again, these masks come either with or without filters and are washable 

How to Care for your Morning Cuppa Face Mask with Filter.

Face Masks should be removed carefully. Sanitise or wash your hands prior to removing your Mask. Take hold of the bands to remove the Mask, then fold the outside in. If your Mask has one then remove the Filter. The Face Mask is then ready to be put in the wash.

Face Masks should be washed after every use. They can be washed as normal with other poly cotton items through your washing machine. However, as you are putting this next to your face, we would recommend the use of a gentle detergent.

If you wish to wash the Mask by hand then this can be done by gently agitating the mask in hot soapy water for at least 20 seconds.

Allow your mask to dry – if using a tumble dryer then this should be on a low heat. Then store your Mask in a clean place ready for your next outing.

If your Mask has a Filter then Do Not wash your Mask with the Filter left in.

There are so many amazing designs, your biggest problem will be which one…..or two…..or three!!!!