Let’s talk about Personalisation.

Having an item with your name on certainly makes it special and giving a personalised gift is sure to make you popular with the recipient.  Luckily we here at Morning Cuppa have a huge range of exclusive items which can be customised. Here are some of the most popular items.


 personalised Keep Calm mug

Keep Calm (Your Name) and Carry On Drinking Tea /coffee

This fun mug can be personalised to ensure that no-one else drinks your beverage! And with the cute crown emblem, it also makes sure everyone knows how important you are! customisable Best Dad MugCustomisable Best Mum Mug

Best Dad/Mum in (Your Town) Mugs

These mugs can be tailor-made with the name of the town they live in. This way you can be certain that everybody will know that your parent is the Best!


My Best friend Personalised Card

Are you looking for a special card for your best friend? Then look no further than this card which can be personalised. You could even use a nick-name to make it even better. Our best selling sister card has just got better with Personalisation! Imagine giving this card, with, not only the sentiment, but your sisters name too! Fantastic for those with a great sense of humour.


Personalised Love you to Moon Cushion

Love you to the Moon and Back Customisable Cushion

This cushion is perfect for the special person in your life. With a popular sentiment it would grace any sofa, chair or bed. And has the added advantage of reminding the recipient of just how you feel!

Reserved for Queen Customisable Cushion

Our incredibly popular Reserved for the Queen cushion has been upgraded! Now you can personalise it with the name of Your Queen!

Does the man in your life think he’s funny? Mine certainly does and this Jester Cushion has his name on it, literally!


I Love you Personalised Magnet This cute ‘Just Because … I Love You’ magnet is ready for a name to make it extra special. We also have a range of alternative ‘just Because’ magnets which can be customised, incase this sentiment isn’t the one you want!

Hero Personalised Magnet

Everybody knows a hero. There are the obvious ones like Doctors, Nurses and Teachers, then there are the heroes who just go to work every day, or the ones who try so hard with their schoolwork, or the person who is just super kind. The list is endless, and you can let them know how highly you think of them with this magnet.

Dog and Cat Related Items

Personalised Worlds Best Dog Mum Mug

This mug is perfect for the Worlds Best Dog Mum – I have already told Jake that this title is taken (by me) but he disagreed!

Worlds Best Cat Dad Customised Cushion.

I know plenty of Dads who love cats. However there are plenty of others who have said they don’t want cats, but then become once they get one they become The Worlds Best Cat Dad!

Customisable Dog Plaque

Or how about a cool metal hanger? We have 58 different dog Breeds to choose from, so you can customise with breed and name. After all you are not drinking alone if your dog is at home!

Make-Up Bags

Have you ever been out with friends and struggled to know which make-up bag is yours? Never worry again with a beautiful personalised one.

Personalised Beauty Bag

Either of these fit the bill perfectly and with the added personalisation would make amazing gifts too!

Lockdown Specific

When Quarantine is Over Personalised Mini Metal Hanger

How cute is this Quarantine is Over plaque. The lockdown has been tough on everyone, but one of the benefits has been spending time with loved ones, and I for one am not looking forwards to that ending!

Lockdown Space Reserved for (custom name) Cushion

I love this cushion! What a brilliant way to commemorate the Lockdown.

Personalised Lockdown Card

Love you more than Loo-roll Personalised Card

The Toilet Paper panic buying debacle has gripped the country! This card is the perfect way to say I love you, especially if you have a surplice of loo-roll!

Do You want More?????

Our talented designer Jake is constantly producing new designs, and products. However if you don’t see the personalisation you are looking for then drop him an email at sales@morningcuppagifts.co.uk and he will see what he can do.