Fathers Day is on Sunday 21st June this year.

Fathers Day

Hopefully we will be out of Lockdown and back to some semblance of normality by Fathers Day. But in these uncertain times, there is no guarantee. Thankfully, we at Morning Cuppa are permanently delivering across Mainland UK, not just during Lockdown. 

So lets have a look at some of the Fantastic Gift ideas we have for Fathers Day (or indeed any day gift for your Dad!)

Dad Cushions

Most Dads have a favourite seat, so why not Reserve it for them with a Cushion. 

Keep it simple with a Reserved for Dad Cushion.

Or elevate him to Royalty with the Reserved for The King one

Alternativly (and I think appropriate in many homes) the Reserved for the Grumpy Old Man one might suit.

Regardless of which one you choose, these quality Linen Look, Fibre Filled cushions will look fantastic and make any Fathers Day!


Is your Dad a lover of hot drinks? We have a wide range of beautifully designed Mugs

Do you have someone in your house who thinks they are funny? (We do and Johns eye rolls are legendary!) This Jester mug will let them know just how funny you find them!

Of course the Rage Stabiliser mug is perfect for that first coffee in the morning, if, like my husband, your Dad dosen’t function properly without coffee!

Or does your Dad love his dog more than you? This Mans Best Friend is his Dog and His Coffee mug will certainly let him know that you know!!!!


Coasters are the best way to stop ring marks appearing on furniture, however I often find that the men in my family don’t seem to see them!

Having one that is specifically for them might do the trick! And we have a fabulous range

How about this Back to My Shed coaster? Especially good if your Dad is like a Friday Night Dinner Dad!

Or this Glad Your’e My Dad coaster. As always things could always be worse!

And for those New Dads out there this coaster is Just for Them 

Don’t forget the Card

Sometimes just having the perfect card can be as important as the gift. As you know, here at Morning Cuppa we always have some cards which are a little more risky than others, and the same goes for our Fathers Day Range.

Looking for something loving for a Dad who can mend anything. Then this Nothing is Broken until Dad Can’t Fix It card is sure to bring a smile to his face.

Alternatively, if your Dad makes ALOT of Dad Jokes then this King of Jokes Card (well that’s my card sorted!!)

Or this My Dad card is perfect for the Dad who is comprised of wind and dad jokes!

We have loads more Dad related items and, because we design and print them ourselves we are always adding more!

Happy looking, and, of course Happy Fathers Day!!!!!