The Morning Cuppa team attended The Print Show in Birmingham. Although the show was small it was an interesting experience. We gathered information on future developments and acquired items to open up a further part of Morning Cuppa.

Morning Cuppa will be expanding with as much product as possible, offering expert customer service and top quality print. With continued innovation and keeping up with trends, we will be offering personalisation and customisation. We are a new company, however, we have the experience and support to get to the top very quickly. We want to be able to show our customers the importance of their support.

The Print Show & UV/Solvent Printers

We spoke to and viewed a lot of manufactures and companies to gather information and also contacts. Mimaki/Hybrid are a top industry supplier in the UK. We had a fantastic chat with the showroom manager and he offered us testing of the machines at the UK HQ.

Hybrid/Mimaki provide a number of printers and we found interest in the UV Flatbeds and the Solvent-based printers. UV Printers operate on a flatbed the ink is dispersed through nozzles from the print heads in droplets and then passed over by a UV light to cure. The cure of the ink provides a very dense and almost permanent layer on the media.

This type of printer is best for rigid materials such as hard phone cases, notebooks. Solvent-based printers are print and cut machines, this is able to print on certain materials mainly vinyl and then cut around the given shape made by the designer. This machine works the same as the UV printer but without the UV light to cure, so it is air-dried ink however may require a slightly longer drying time than a UV print would. Giving the option to make flexible signage and stickers from this machine and anything else that requires a softer material to complete the job.

If you are looking for contracts on your Mimaki machines go to Hybrid.


Sublimation is a process in which when the ink is heated to a certain temperature it transfers the image onto a polymer-coated product. It is a highly cost-effective and a simple process of printing which provides very stunning and vibrant prints. It’s quick and easy, however, it does require machinery to complete the process and you need to be sure that the products you are sublimating have a special coating allowing the sublimation process to work. We looked at a brand new Epson dye-sublimation printer, which won’t be available until October, however, the quality of the prints were outstanding, it really showed its best when printing and sublimating black.

SC-F500 Epson Dye Sublimation Printer
How beautiful does this printer look? Brand new from Epson the SureColour SC-F500

Future Developments of Morning Cuppa

We want to provide new and exciting products for our customers while building a strong and caring brand. Soon we will be offering many more products with pre-made designs and personalisation. Gathering interest and ideology from The Print Show we will be implementing ideas as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned and we welcome any questions regarding anything to do with print or out product.

Dye Sublimation Product
So much product! Exciting times ahead.